How it Happened

From the Newsroom to Your School's Classroom

Our Founder and CEO Pam McNall is an award-winning Journalist with 19 years as a veteran producer for CNN Special Projects and CNN Documentaries. 

Looking for the next adventure in her life, she turned her journalistic ear to her sister's experience in schools as an award-winning educator.

Hearing the struggles that teachers face with behavioral issues and the obvious gap in life skills that students have - it all clicked. She started her entrepreneurial journey with, a way for schools and businesses to communicate respectful policies and respectful behaviors. But it wasn't enough. Teachers and Principals wanted more materials, more curriculum and so the Respectful Ways social emotional learning education program was born!

Pam decided to use her two+ decades of experience as a journalist, public speaker, nonprofit community advocate and entrepreneur to help the next generation build strong character and personal inner-strength. Pulling from her countless encounters with dignitaries, executives, government officials (and everything in-between), she crafted Respectful Ways ~ knowing that story-telling is a helpful tool to get kids to understand life skills. Respectful Ways helps them find their own successes and professional interests by opening their minds to more than just core curriculum. The key that's missing in our school system is social-emotional learning. Respectful Ways helps children find their own personal commitment to DO their best and BE their best. We help them find their confidence.

Our curriculum is utterly unique. We provide children with effective tools to help make them better citizens and future leaders of our society. We look to help you transform their minds to handle any situation - in or out of the classroom - and learn to handle it with respect for themselves and others.

We also built this program with teachers in mind, as we know schedules are tough and educator jobs are sometimes thankless.  Because of this, we created a comprehensive and flexible online support tool so that Respectful Ways can be your wingman in the classroom as you mold the minds of tomorrow.  

Respectful Ways is proud to join the educational community and we promise to serve you well.