To be successful, Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) programs have to meet industry standards. Respectful Ways fulfills Common Core, SEL, ASCA, and state standards.


The Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL), America’s premier SEL think tank, has developed a list of core competencies that’s become the most widely-respected framework in schools today.

Kids get Social Emotional Learning with Respectful Ways SEL curriculum

These competencies include:


  • Self-Awareness: Social-Emotional Learning begins by fostering a growing recognition of how one’s emotions, thoughts, and values influence behavior.


  • Self-Management: Once students become conscious of how their emotions, thoughts, and values shape their behavior, they can learn to manage stress, control their impulses, and motivate themselves toward goals.


  • Social Awareness: Personal growth in self-awareness and self-management must coincide with social development. Learning to respect the perspectives of others — especially those from diverse backgrounds and cultures — is important to cultivating an awareness of community norms for behavior.


  • Relationship Skills: Maintaining meaningful, healthy relationships with others is essential for establishing well-being. To do this, children must learn to communicate clearly, listen actively, and resolve conflict constructively.   


  • Responsible Decision-Making: Life is made up of choices. Learning how to make healthy decisions for themselves is essential for children’s growth and development. The process of making good choices includes analyzing information, creative problem-solving, weighing consequences, considering the well-being of self and others, and taking responsibility. 


Respectful Ways not only fulfills these five CASEL competencies in each module; they form the scaffolding on which our entire program is built. 

National and ASCA Standards:

We understand how important it is for counselors and educators to fulfill expected standards of excellence, so every one of our SEL modules comes with a detailed list of fulfilled ASCA and Common Core Standards. Hundreds of standards can be completed each year by educators – through using Respectful Ways!  

Here are examples of fulfilled Common Core standards and fulfilled American School Counselor standards.


Systemic SEL is Key!:  From Respectful Signs to help instill the message ~ to the Home Connects program for parents and guardians ~ as well as our cutting-edge curriculum and PD workshops, we represent a holistic solution to students’ social emotional learning needs.