Professional Development Training

Respectful Ways offers both, onboard training at your school or camp so all staff are comfortable with using the program, as well as helpful P.D. training on various Social Emotional Learning topics. Take our survey to discover the topics you’d like covered in the PD workshop, and we’ll custom-build the content for your specific SEL needs.


Respectful wways Workshops and Training

Onboard Training to use our online modules includes:

  • Initial onboard professional development training for all staff

  • 2nd onboard meeting about 6 weeks later for those staff with questions

  • 1 or 2 Respectful Ways Trainers on site

  • All Respectful Ways Professional Development content and materials

  • Continual check-ins and re-trainings for any staff turnover

Respectful Ways Workshops:

We understand that continuing education and Professional Development (PD) for your staff is as important as the SEL curriculum itself! We are your wingman in the classroom for your students and educators.

Take our survey to implement a more tailor-made P.D. experience. After receiving the survey, we’ll get back to you to discuss your SEL needs. 

Below are four well-rounded Respectful Ways workshops for staff and parents. These are the core subjects covered, around your specialized training:


Social and Emotional Learning:
Why SEL Is Important for School Safety and Classroom Management

This workshop is an overview to help with educator buy-in on why today’s schools needs SEL curriculum married into their existing daily workload. We’ll give tips on how it eases the day for staff, and show the science that proves emotional well-being improves student outcomes. We do a deep dive into a common question – Bullying VS Peer Conflict; how to recognize the difference and how best to respond. We make learning fun using engaging break-out sessions and scenarios to analyze as a group.


Tragedy and Grief:
Investigating Mental Health Issues and Helping Children Cope

From school shootings to student suicides, all school staff must be able to recognize trauma in a student — and know what to do about it. This workshop shares the best techniques for handling mental health issues in students, while keeping your own sanity. Educators can experience their own PTSD in certain situations, so we’ll address personal care as well as student support.
We open this workshop to all school staff, if needed.


Today’s Youth:
How Social and Emotional Learning Can Conquer Modern-Day Issues

From juuling and e-cigarettes to sexting and cyberbullying, the i-Generation has introduced some challenging new issues for educators to face head on. We share smart tools and recommendations on how to handle the growing list of today’s unique concerns. We help all staff understand and address the needs of non-binary students and give smart suggestions on how to make your school safe for its LGBTQ population. This workshop is interactive: We share experiences and discuss how different case scenarios should be handled.


Changing the Culture and Climate of Our Schools and Communities

Adopting a new school-wide or district policy like PBIS and then adding SEL on top of it, can be a daunting task for any administrator or educator. This workshop will explain why SEL and PBIS belong together. Participants will be given the tools to implement PBIS and SEL strategies at school AND home, for an entire community culture shift.

**Prices vary, contact or call 678.464.0962 for details.