Why Respectful Ways programs are better

  • We are a Single Point Solution for any school or district looking to: 1) assess their school climate by taking our surveys, 2) then target specific trauma-informed digital courses for students based on the survey results, and 3) offer Professional Development training for staff. All PD workshops are co-hosted with distinguished education experts via live or taped interviews.
  • We are the only trauma-informed program vetted and approved by the Attachment & Trauma Network, the largest think tank nonprofit for trauma-informed learning and trauma-sensitive schools.
  • Each of our courses includes two online modules -- one for educators to lead, and one for students to control on any smart device at home or school. Our student modules are perfect for flipped classroom schools who can't find the time to squeeze in SEL during school hours.
  • Using your survey, we design a custom character education program tailored directly to your needs by bundling different modules that address life skills and your student population.

  • Educators benefit with custom-designed Professional Development Workshops and webinars for continuing education!
  • Educators and counselors use our digital, interactive courses to create a unique experience for every classroom using evidence, research, and project-based learning. Every course hits CASEL's SEL core competencies. 
  • Systemic SEL: We are a comprehensive curriculum and signage program that both establishes a positive school climate and reinforces that messaging with classroom management Respectful reminder signs, school banners, posters, etc.
  • We fulfill hundreds of state, CASEL, American School Counselor Assn (ASCA) standards, and College and Career Readiness Common Core Standards.
  • We are a perfect asset to your cross-curricular plans and instructional needs. We've designed our modules to hit standards from science, to social studies, ELA to math. With our on-boarding support, all educators and school counselors can teach Respectful Ways.   
  • We easily integrate with your SSO - such as Clever, Canvas, Google Classroom, and ClassLink, etc. 
  • Courses are designed to give you the flexibility to teach when you want and how you want -- on your schedule: 10 minutes during the day or a full class.
  • Easy-to-follow lesson plans and turn-key activities. We've done the class prep for you!
  • Free on-boarding support and continued training for all faculty in the building.
  • Parent involvement with every module, including "Respectful Ways Home Connects" that detail the lessons and SEL language students learn each week. All our "Home Connects" materials are offered in Spanish and English!
  • Age-appropriate courses for three grade levels *including high school*
  • Better student engagement. Our fun activities, original poems, diverse characters and lessons use pop culture trends. We speak their language!
  • All our middle and high school modules offer original positive music to highlight the respectful messaging! Students sing to the beat of the rap and add their own lyrics.
  • If your school or districts has adopted PBIS, MTSS, TRBI, trauma-informed practices, Responsive Classroom, or Restorative Practices, we are your SEL solution to these frameworks. We'd love to show you how our programming integrates with these behavioral frameworks.
  • StudentsXpress Magazine is the only one of its kind -- and is offered as a free benefit when adopting Respectful Ways. Students publish their artwork and stories, which gives them agency in their learning and offers opportunities for college and career readiness. 
  • Research: Educator responses to surveys are studied and used to make curriculum improvements. We also offer Pre-Course, Mid-Course and Post-Course Surveys for students so you can monitor the effectiveness before, during, and after each module is taught.
  • Online support community including educator discussion groups, educational webinars and Respectful Session Workshops for enhanced SEL training.

Program overview

We help you teach Emotional Intelligence.

Respectful Ways provides character education through a combination of online lessons, classroom aids and activities for three age groups: PreK-2nd grade, 3rd-5th grade and 6th-12th grade. There are 18-20 modules for each age group, for a total of 58 unique courses, comprising a full year of curriculum, including a series of trauma-sensitive modules.

Through guided activities, students learn the core competencies of Social Emotional Learning: Compassion, Perseverance, Respect and Responsibility. We call this CPRR -- helping you pump the heart into your students.


Each module comes with detailed, easy-to-follow lesson plans, research-based activities and classroom aids that make teaching a breeze.

We also provide Respectful Signage for your classroom and common areas to supplement the message and reinforce a positive school climate.  Other reinforcement tools include banners, pins and posters for the school, and special awards and rewards for the students.

Our character development program is perfect for schools, camps, after-school programs and community youth groups.

If your school has adopted PBIS (Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports), Respectful Ways works hand-in-hand with your PBIS behavioral matrix.  

Ready to see a Demo?

About the Courses

There are 5 interactive activities per module, each designed to be taught in 15 to 30-minute sessions over a two to three-week period.

Since every child learns differently, our activities are varied to ensure that each individual student feels involved and engaged. The project-based learning includes discussion, crafts, games, group activities, performances, writing, personal reflection and more.

Respectful Ways SEL Course Modules

The first activity in every course is the "Lets Chat Conversation Cards" which breaks the ice and allows kids to explore their feelings on the day's topic. Next up is the "Time to Rhyme" activity, where students recite, analyze and expound upon original poetry. The following 3 research-based activities are unique to each course. Each reinforces the message in creative ways to ensure that every student is engaged.

Each course is guided by Ambassador Riley Ways and a friendly set of characters who all grow in age with your students. 

Check out a PreK-2 online course.
Email Staff@RespectfulWays.com for access to a DEMO for older students.


Let's discuss your students' needs to see if Respectful Ways is right for your school or youth group. Call Pam McNall at (404) 955-8882

Already have a Character Education program?

Because of our a la carte format, you can fill any missing SEL gaps with targeted Respectful Ways modules. We offer turnkey lesson plans for all ages, in an online format kids can relate to. Our digital platform is agile -- we update content regularly, and can customize it to your school!

If you already have a program in place, Respectful Ways courses can augment your existing SEL solution. You can access individual modules a la carte to directly address your school's specific behavioral issues. You can assemble your own curriculum, or simply purchase classroom signs and awards!

We encourage you to adopt our risk-free trial program so you can experience the advantages firsthand.

Compete Lesson Plans by Age Group

We've done the work for you. Our research suggests a lesson plan comprised of specific modules for these three specific age groups. There are 19 or more modules for each grade level, to be taught every two to four weeks over the 36-week school year. If you want additional ideas, see all available modules.

PreK - Grade 2  | Grades 3-5  | Grades 6-8 | Grades 9-12



Choose Your Own Curriculum

We offer 58 different modules, and all are trauma-informed so EVERY student feels comfortable learning socials skills and emotional intelligence. Explore the available modules under each of the four pillars. 

Our research recommends rotating between the Four Pillars (Compassion, Perseverance, Respect, Responsibility) and that a new module be taught to students every two to four weeks. You have access to the curriculum all year so revisit modules when needed!

Here's what you get.

Below is the Full Service Package of the Respectful Ways Program, but your school or camp can customize the modules to fit your individual needs.

  • 290 Research-Based, Diverse Activities to Fully Explore the Lessons (each activity includes suggestions to expand the social emotional learning)
  • Original Poems, Original Hip Hop Songs and "Promise" Pledges
  • Physical Respectful Signs for the Classrooms and Common Areas
  • 3 Grade Tiers: Pre-K to 2nd, 3rd to 5th and 6th to 12th Grade
  • 4 Expertly Crafted Umbrella Curriculum Modules
  • 58 Total Exploratory Guides
  • 180 Exploratory "Let's Chat!" Questions to Spur Deeper Guide Understanding
  • Customized After School Program
  • Customized Banners and Respectful Signage to establish a Positive School Culture
  • Parent Involvement with Every Module, Including "Respectful Ways Parent Page" PDFs Detailing the Lessons and SEL Language Students Learned
  • Parent Discussion Groups
  • School Rallies with Custom Banner
  • Customized Program Planning with CEO
  • School Counselor Support
  • Fundraising Opportunities With An Emphasis On Community Engagement
  • An Online Portal hosting all your modules with Added Comprehensive Teaching Tools
  • Full On-Board Training by Trained RW Staff
  • Online Teacher Community and Educator Discussion Forum
  • Educational Webinars and Respectful Session Workshops
  • Integrative App Support
  • Access to CEO for Onsite Teacher Training and Support
  • Companion Teacher Guide Supplements 
  • Live and Recorded Webinars with Award Winning Educators, Best-Selling Authors and Child Psychologists