8 Reasons Your School Needs Social Emotional Learning Programs

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There’s a lot of buzz around social emotional learning programs, but are they worth the investment? A growing body of research shows measurable academic, behavioral, personal, and social benefits. Social emotional learning reduces behavioral problems Many schools have adopted SEL … READ MORE

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3 Ways to Help Teens Make Good Decisions

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This article explores the reasons that teens engage in risky behavior, and how a Social-Emotional learning program can help them make better decisions. Earlier this year, media outlets began reporting a dangerous new fad among teens: eating Tide pods. Consuming … READ MORE

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Don’t Be A “Phoney” – Cell Phones, Social Media and Teens

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Can you survive without your smartphone? Could you close out your social media accounts without feeling disconnected? For many of us, the answer is obvious: not without a difficult period of adjustment. When Gallup polled smartphone users, 46% of respondents … READ MORE

Act of Kindness: A Respectful Summer Review

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This summer has been very busy for Respectful Ways! We’re in the process of building a new website with added interactive features and we continue to research student news on social media. Even though it was summer break, some students continued … READ MORE