Why Character Education Matters Today

You only have to turn on the news to see another account of a child's life impacted by COVID-19, or trauma, or bullying. Any teacher or parent can point to the behavioral issues on the rise in our schools and communities. The crisis has become so widespread that schools and youth groups have been clamoring for ways to add social emotional learning to their students' programs.

While there's a stated desire to add SEL to our children's experience, the challenge is that schools face bureaucratic hurdles, financial deficits, and/or can't find enough time in the day to prioritize the teaching of emotional intelligence.

Respectful Ways was founded as a direct solution to these challenges. Schools and youth groups now have a turnkey way to bring SEL to the classroom with an innovative program that combines digital courses and classroom aids to create an engaging, modern educational experience. RW's flexibility gives you the freedom to overcome administrative and scheduling challenges.

Most importantly, recent studies prove that students who participate in a well-rounded SEL program show an 11% gain in academic achievement over those who don’t.

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