Respectful Ways Social EmotionaL Learning Curriculum
Respectful Ways offering free access to online Social Emotional Learning modules
Resepctful Ways Social Emotional Learning curriculum

Respectful Ways online SEL programs are a modern, innovative way to bring custom Social Emotional Learning curriculum to your home or classroom.


Each of our 58 courses includes two online modules – one for educators to lead, and one for students to control on their own devices at home or school.


Respectful Ways works seamlessly with educational frameworks such as MTSS, PBIS, Responsive Classroom, and Restorative Practices -- for
three age groups, from Pre-K through high school.


Give us a test run!  We're offering a risk-free, discount Pilot Program  to see the difference Respectful Ways can make in your classroom.


Respectful Ways is the only trauma-informed SEL program partnered with the Attachment & Trauma Network, the largest think tank for trauma-sensitive schools.

Resepctful Ways Social Emotional Learning curriculum
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Trauma-Informed Character Education Curriculum

Mindfulness and Life Skills for PreK-12 Schools:
  • Assessment: Take our survey to assess your school climate.  
  • Targeted Results:  Your survey identifies modules that meet your students' social and emotional needs. Our trauma-informed online curriculum has been vetted by the Attachment & Trauma Network.
  • Custom Professional Development: We offer workshops with subject-matter experts who use your data to address student behavioral needs and educator wellness needs. 
  • Blended Education Interventions: Respectful Ways (RW) integrates seamlessly with different instructional frameworks such as PBIS and MTSS, using evidence and research-based practices.
  • Let's Get Started:  Email us -- or call 404-955-8882 -- or fill out this short form to request-a-quote.

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SEL curriculum custom-designed for students:
Offers professional SEL development for educators
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materials in English & Spanish for parents & guardians
Kids learn better when their families get involved. We bring the lessons home.
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Fulfills CASEL Core Competencies & other standards
Our program satisfies the authority on SEL, as well as Common Core & ASCA standards.
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Supports trauma-sensitive environments
Trauma-informed? So are we. Together, we can make schools and camps safe places to grow.
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Educators: We've done the work for you!

Every module comes with two online versions:

  • Educator-Led modules for teachers to share in class via a projector, smart board or video-conference.
  • Student-Driven modules that can be accessed on any computer or mobile device.

Our research-based activities give students agency through discussion/reflection, original poetry and music, art, and lots of classroom interaction.

Ease of Access: Respectful Ways is accessible from any browser, and integrates with your school's web portals and technology.



Respectful Ways is flexible in that you may only have 5 minutes to work on a lesson in the morning, but you can pick back up where you left off later in the day or the next time you have a SEL block. You don’t have to start a lesson over if you don’t finish on time, so that’s a huge plus.

– School Counselor

This is the first year that our school has used Respectful Ways and it’s been a great success. The student survey data backs that up as well. Respectful Ways has been a great character education resource for us, especially since we’ve been remote all year and our students’ mental health is more important than ever. 

– Cosmo Braico, Vice Principal, Paterson Public School 13

Respectful Ways (RW) helps take the lesson planning out of the equation as it already provides teachers with a brief overview of each lesson that’s ready to instruct without much effort. RW hits current Georgia and national standards along the way in each module. With the various modules hitting on a wide variety of topics, RW allows us to pinpoint modules for teaching to meet our PBIS goals.

– School Counselor

I like the program because it teaches you lessons for life and it teaches you more ways to be nice to people than what you can already think of.

– 5th Grader

As we were approaching the testing season, I pulled a small group of 5th graders to work on a module about not giving up. This was to encourage them to push through when things were difficult. At the end of the lesson, each student had the ability to make their own meme. Several students held onto their memes and would remind me of how much they enjoyed that lesson. 

– School Counselor

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We are HumanKIND curriculum to educate the human heart.


Here are the specific Respectful Ways modules that address each core trauma issue. If you’d like to know which specific activities hit each category, we can do that too.

  1. Bullying
  2. Conflict Resolution
  3. Emotional Regulation
  4. Mental Health
  5. Personal Safety
  6. Trauma-Affected Students

Complete SEL lesson plans for the entire school year.

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Respectful Ways is partnered with the Attachment & Trauma Network (ATN)

Our trauma-informed lesson plans and digital content have been officially vetted by ATN. Research shows almost 50% of American children have had Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), which can negatively affect their personal, social, and academic development. Respectful Ways tailors each school's SEL program to the specific needs of their student body, and offers trauma-informed language and trauma-sensitive strategies, so all students feel safe and comfortable while learning. 

This exclusive partnership between ATN and RW means that schools and camps with children of trauma now have a SEL program they can turn to with confidence! Email or call 404.955.8882 to learn more.