Monitoring usage of Respectful Ways

To ensure your educators are using Respectful Ways, there are several ways to monitor usage within the school.


Classic: Monitor assignments

Each course has worksheets, pre-course, mid-course and post-course online surveys that teachers assign to students. The surveys track students' progress through the course, and provide additional insights into their growth on the topic. School administrators can request to be notified of submissions.


Technical: Link Tracking

In most schools, teachers log in to their school web portal (such as Clever or Schoolology) at the start of the day. If your school requires this, your school's web tech support team can provide you with periodic "link tracking" reports that will show which individual teachers went to "" -- and when. 

Share the following instructions with your Web Tech team:

1. Add one of the Respectful Ways icons below to the school's Single-Sign On app (Clever or similar SSO)

2. Assign this URL link to the icon, which opens your list of subscribed courses:

3. Provide your school's web tech with your shared USERNAME and PASSWORD.
Web Techs: Hard code these sign-in credentials — this login is shared by the entire school.

4. Provide your school's web tech with the list of teachers using the curriculum.
Web Techs: Add this Respectful Ways icon to these specific teachers' portals.  

5. After a few weeks of initial tracking, your web tech will be able to generate a report detailing which staff members accessed Respectful Ways, and at what time of day.

        6. Email if you have any questions.