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Respectful Play is the Way


Course Overview Guide

This is your step-by-step guide to teaching and navigating the course, including classroom suggestions and professional insights for the educator.


Activity Lesson Plans
Activity 1 Guide - Let’s Chat

Activity 2 Guide - Time to Rhyme

Activity 3 Guide - Rules of Play

Activity 4 Guide - WE Play the Respectful Way

Activity 5 Guide - Be A Team


Activity Worksheets

Activity 1 - Let's Chat Questions:  Google Slide

Activity 3 - Rules of Play: Printout | Editable PDF | Google Slide


Awards & Certificates

Award printout | Personalize the Award: Download & Edit PDF | Google Slide

Promise Pledge printout | Google Slide


Fulfilled Standards

Fulfilled Common Core Standards
Fulfilled American School Counselor Assn. Standards (ASCA)



Pre-Course Survey | Google Slide Survey
Mid-Course Survey | Google Slide Survey
Post-Course Survey | Google Slide Survey


Link to Student-Led Course for Individual Learning
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Expand your Knowledge: Further Reading

Fair Play for Children -
Games with Rules - Play and Playground Encyclopedia

For Parents & Caregivers
Home Connects:  Show families what students are learning, and help keep  character development going after the bell rings! With suggested games, activities and fun Q&A, we all connect with Home Connects!  Send your students home with these printouts, or download and email to parents.


Educators, Counselors, Administrators and Parents deserve to be recognized for all they do for the betterment of their students. When colleagues or caregivers demonstrate Respectful Ways in the school, home or community, acknowledge their efforts with these certificates.