Retrain Your Brain – Grades 6-8 Module

Students take on resilient attitudes and behaviors to help cope with life’s challenges. Activities 3, 4 and 5 can directly address anxieties and mindfulness practices. Students explore how to navigate worry and anxiety, stop negative thinking before it overtakes them, and practice creative problem-solving. Negativity can be a huge barrier to academic achievement. Positive thinking and “retraining the brain” is the catalyst to one’s success!

Activity 1: Let’s Chat

Activity 2: Word! – Spoken Word Analysis

Activity 3: Overcoming Fear of Tests

Activity 4: Stop Thought. Go Positive!

Activity 5: Life Skills: Discovering Solutions to Problematic Scenarios

CASEL Core Competencies Fulfilled: Self-Awareness, Social Awareness, Responsible Decision-Making, Self-Management, Relationship Skills



Each curriculum Module includes:        

  • Unlimited access to digital curriculum for entire school year — for all faculty!
  • Comprehensive, step-by-step Lesson Plans and Teaching Guides
  • 5 unique research-based activities per module
  • Interactive, animated web-based slides that guide students through each activity
  • Links to all fulfilled College & Career Readiness Standards — per grade
  • Digital Download: Print your own Let’s Chat Conversation Cards
  • Custom printouts, worksheets and award certificates
  • Access to our discussion forums and peer-messaging network
  • Original poetry analysis
  • Promise Pledges for students to read aloud
  • Pam’s Perspective: A topical “true story” to share with students
  • Educational Webinars with best-selling authors and award-winning educators
  • Material updated regularly to reflect latest evaluations and educator feedback
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Additional Resources:

  • We will design a custom SEL program tailored specifically for your needs.
    (Example: We bundle different courses to address your school’s behavioral issues. We can even incorporate your school theme or mascot into your modules!)
  • Let’s Chat conversation cards to open the discussion
  • Signage for all classrooms and common areas
  • Posters and merchandise to reinforce positive messaging



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