Be Strong And Take It On! – Grades PreK-2nd Module

Students use their mental strength and grit to overcome challenges, and learn how best to face obstacles that occur on the way to achieving their goals. Students empower their mental health by becoming successful problem solvers, which allows them to step out of their comfort zones to discover the amazing things they are capable of accomplishing. Project-based learning includes making posters and banners to show they’re the IT in GRIT. A number of activities directly address anxiety and help children cope with life’s challenges.

Activity 1: Let’s Chat Conversation cards

Activity 2: Time to Rhyme Original Poetry

Activity 3: Mistakes Do Matter; We Learn From Them

Activity 4: I’m the IT in GRIT, Persevere through IT!

Activity 5: My Mountain to Climb, Overcoming Challenges

CASEL Core Competencies Fulfilled: Self-awareness, Self-management, Responsible decision-making



Each curriculum Module includes:        

  • Unlimited access to digital curriculum for entire school year — for all faculty!
  • Comprehensive, step-by-step Lesson Plans and Teaching Guides
  • 5 unique research-based activities per module
  • Interactive, animated web-based slides that guide students through each activity
  • Links to all fulfilled College & Career Readiness Standards — per grade
  • Digital Download: Print your own Let’s Chat Conversation Cards
  • Custom printouts, worksheets and award certificates
  • Access to our discussion forums and peer-messaging network
  • Original poetry analysis
  • Promise Pledges for students to read aloud
  • Pam’s Perspective: A topical “true story” to share with students
  • Educational Webinars with best-selling authors and award-winning educators
  • Material updated regularly to reflect latest evaluations and educator feedback
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Additional Resources:

  • We will design a custom SEL program tailored specifically for your needs.
    (Example: We bundle different courses to address your school’s behavioral issues. We can even incorporate your school theme or mascot into your modules!)
  • Let’s Chat conversation cards to open the discussion
  • Signage for all classrooms and common areas
  • Posters and merchandise to reinforce positive messaging


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