Meet Our Characters:
The Respectful Ways Cast, PreK - Grade 12


Multi-ethnic female - Leader, helpful, emotional

As Respectful Ways' Ambassador, you will notice Riley is a part of each activity and hosts the Respectful Wrap, highlighting key takeaways. She excels in leadership. Her skills as a student ambassador are recognized and respected. Riley’s mission is to help heal the minds and hearts of her peers who find school and life more of a struggle.



Black male - Imaginative, athletic, easily frustrated

James is a curious and gifted learner, and is a great team player. He possesses a strong memory and retains information with ease. James displays a particular interest in engineering and enjoys building projects with his hands. He likes to know how things work but can get frustrated if a project doesn't come naturally.

Meet James


White female - Artsy, easily distracted, foster child

Sydney is a true individual. She is a reflective thinker and talented artist which helps boost her self-confidence. She dances to her own beat. She is energetic and focused if the project holds her interest. If not, her attention can wander. On top of her many talents, Sydney’s strength is her resilience in challenging situations.



Hispanic - Determined, Proud, Courageous

They are bravely individualistic. As they grow, Martin discovers more about themselves, and becomes confident in their self-worth.  As a student leader, they pursue risks to learn, play, and grow. Martin’s strength is persevering through scholastic and personal challenges.



White male - Bookish, musically inclined, awkward at times

Wyatt is studious and a high achiever. He is first to share creative and dynamic ideas during class activities but often wants to skip recess or gym class because he's uncomfortable. Wyatt displays a solid interest in music and his strength is in his rhythmic abilities. 



Black female - Bright, compassionate, easily swayed

Lila is a charming individual. She believes that you can accomplish anything if you try.  Her classmates welcome her polite personality but she can be easily manipulated. Lila’s strength is her  attitude to help others achieve in school.

Meet Lila


Middle Eastern male - Popular, average student, physically challenged

Omar may be wheelchair-bound, but his personality helps him fit in with his fellow peers. His quick-wit, game attitude and good looks make him a hit with both the boys and girls.  He tends to prioritize managing the school basketball team over homework, so his grades are only average.

Meet Omar


Asian female - Smart, witty, shy

Emma is hard-working and her problem solving skills are well above grade level. Emma can be introverted and shy, which can make some students feel like she's standoffish. When she's comfortable around friends, her strength is her quick-witted and amusing responses.

Meet Emma


White male - Gamer, often anxious, ADHD

Davey is from a single-parent family.  He is strong-minded: He will bend rules to get his way sometimes, which often lands him in trouble. However this same willpower also helps him shine bright like no other when he applies himself. He is adventurous and curious. Davey enjoys gaming and is competitive.



White male - Athletic, confident, yet apathetic student

Billy is self-assured with strong physical abilities. He can be passionate toward learning if he likes the topic, otherwise he is uninterested in his studies which may affect his future. Billy’s determination to persevere in sports has helped him to understand the significance of teamwork. His best friends are Omar and James, who are all well-liked by their peers. 

Meet Billy


Asian-Pacific Female - nervous around new friends - informative insights

Dakota is the new girl in town. Her parents just moved the family from a remote farm in Hawaii, so she is still learning to assimilate. Her expansive generational knowledge about medicines and crops from grandparents and great-grandparents gives her a leg up on science and biology.