Fun activities to bring the family together this holiday season

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Fun Famiy Activities - Respectful Ways

Sure, some holidays involve presents, but presence — quality time — is the best gift of all. Respectful Ways is pleased to offer this checklist of fun activities that children can do with the whole family this holiday season. These activities foster creativity, discussions, imagination and growth. Your family will get to know each other better — and learn a few interesting skills along the way!

This year the holiday season is going to be different.

The CDC is discouraging multi-household feasts and gatherings to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Children especially may feel additional anxiety when missing the annual trip to Grandma’s house or that long-awaited, boisterous reunion with cousins.  Unknowingly, they may act out feelings of anger, resentment and depression at home.

Parents can get ahead of these natural feelings before they rear themselves in the forms of defiance, aggression and self-isolation. 

Respectful Ways, an innovative online youth program that teaches character building and social-emotional learning, offers a series of listen, play and learn activities to help families recognize and navigate through potential negative feelings, understand their origins, and help everyone cope with this unusual situation.

Click here to download or print your interactive list of Fun Family Activities to spice up your holidays and make new traditions, or use the version below. Click the links in blue to discover more fun resources, and check them off as you go.



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