Missy Pollock

Missy is a SEL Advocate and Trainer for Respectful Ways. Her role is to help educators meet the Social and Emotional learning needs of today’s youth. She focuses on understanding and supporting the needs of her customers by ensuring they are successful in meeting their SEL goals. Missy enjoys learning and considers herself a very curious person which makes her a great fit for the changing and challenging educational environment that we currently find ourselves in.

Missy has spent her career as a consultative account executive focusing in the markets of higher education, financial services, manufacturing, construction and professional services. She brings a passion and determination to help her customers succeed. Her strengths include needs analysis, benchmarking and educating her customers on the latest trends and initiatives happening in their space.

Missy believes all beings deserve to be treated with kindness, respect, equity, and dignity. She volunteers with food drives and fundraising efforts, and supports animal rescue groups. In her free time, she enjoys traveling with her husband, pets, and friends.

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