Respectful Ways online SEL programs are a modern, innovative way to bring custom Social Emotional Learning curriculum to your home or classroom.

Each of our 58 courses includes two online modules – one for educators to lead, and one for students to control on their own devices at home or school.

Respectful Ways is the only online character education program offering PBIS-compatible curriculum for three age groups, from Pre-K through high school.

Give us a test run!  We're offering a risk-free, discount Pilot Program  to see the difference Respectful Ways can make in your classroom.

Respectful Ways is the only trauma-informed SEL program partnered with the Attachment & Trauma Network, the largest think tank for trauma-sensitive schools.

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Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Programs for PreK-12 Students and Educators


Respectful Ways' three-fold program offers:

  • A la carte' digital modules that educators and students can use remotely on any smart device, and classroom materials tailor-made to the specific behavioral needs of your school or program.
  • Trauma-informed written and digital curriculum vetted by the Attachment & Trauma Network so ALL students feel safe and comfortable to learn.
  • Professional Development workshops custom-designed to help educators understand how trauma affects the learning process.


SEL curriculum custom-designed for students:
Offers professional SEL development for educators
Need training in SEL? We offer customized learning opportunities.
Learn more
materials in English & Spanish for parents & guardians
Kids learn better when their families get involved. We bring the lessons home.
Home Connects
Fulfills CASEL Core Competencies & other standards
Our program satisfies the authority on SEL, as well as Common Core & ASCA standards.
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Supports trauma-sensitive environments
Trauma-informed? So are we. Together, we can make schools and camps safe places to grow.
Work with us
Educators: We've done the work for you!


Respectful Ways (RW) utilizes two digital modules per lesson - one for educators to lead and another for students to access from any smart device, including cell phones, from home or school.

RW staff has integrated all our materials and lesson plans into various SSO platforms such as Canvas and ClassLink, to alleviate stress on educators and counselors. Reach out to see if your SSO platform is integrated!

Our programming teaches students emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, respect, compassion, and more. While at school, all you need is a projector, smart board, or TV monitor. At home? All you need is a cell phone.

Our turnkey written lesson plans build character through research-based activities, original poetry, original hip hop music, art, reflection, and lots of classroom creativity!

RW fulfills hundreds of American School Counselor Assn (ASCA) standards, state standards, and Common Core standards and integrates perfectly with your PBIS matrix.

We are HumanKIND curriculum to educate the human heart.


Try our risk-free, discount trial program.

Trauma-Sensitive Schools

You will experience an entire school culture shift by utilizing our teacher-led online lessons, respectful "reminder" signs, Let's Chat cards, and positive original music & poetry. We have categorized our curriculum into six core issues schools face:

  1. Bullying
  2. Conflict Resolution
  3. Emotional Regulation
  4. Mental Health
  5. Personal Safety
  6. Trauma-Affected Students

These links detail which Respectful Ways modules hit each core issue. If you'd like to know which specific activity hits each category, we can do that too.

Call 678.464.0962 or email Pam McNall at for more details. We'll tailor a unique program specifically for your school or community!

Complete SEL lesson plans for the entire school year.

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Signage, Let's Chat Cards, banners, posters, pins and more!


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Respectful Ways has partnered with the Attachment & Trauma Network (ATN)

Trained ATN staff members have vetted all our lesson plans and digital content to be trauma-informed! Research shows that almost 50% of American school children have had Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), which can negatively affect a child's personal, social, and academic development. Respectful Ways tailors each school's SEL program to the specific needs of their student body, and now offers trauma-informed language and trauma-sensitive strategies, so all students feel safe and comfortable to learn. 

This exclusive partnership between ATN and RW means that schools and camps with children of trauma now have a SEL program they can turn to with confidence! Email or call 678.464.0962 to learn more about our trauma-informed materials.