A Compliment Goes A Long Way: 50 compliments you can give right now

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Compliment (n):  A polite expression of esteem, respect, affection, or admiration. – Merriam-Webster
January 24th is National Compliment Day!

Compliments produce a reward system in the brain that boosts motivation, self-esteem, and acts as a natural mood lifter. Compliment givers and receivers both reap the benefits of compliments. Improved relationships and communication, as well as an enhanced positive sense of self are added bonuses to being on the giving or receiving end of compliments.

Reflect on the last time someone gave you a compliment.

Did you take it in, let it resonate and get a sudden burst of motivation? Did you smile and feel instant joyfulness? It has been suggested that people in the workplace that are praised often tend to work harder. Same goes for students who are praised for their hard work and positive behavior in the classroom. So why not make it a point to compliment more!

Ever wonder why we tend to deflect compliments? 

Compliment fliers | "Please take a compliment." There a seve… | FlickrIt seems as though letting compliments in could lead to a concern that if the compliment is accepted and embraced, this could lend itself to the potential of letting people down. This could be why so many of us ignore or respond to compliments in an uncomfortable manner.

Another factor is we are often too hard on ourselves. It is easier to give compliments than to receive them. Just remember…if someone is taking the time to compliment you, the truth lies behind that compliment. So, let those compliments sink in and start believing them!


When is just the right time to throw out a compliment? ANYTIME. 

  • Teachers – in the classroom setting, designate the first 5 minutes of class to share your praise. 
  • Families – schedule a few minutes before dinner to gather at the table to share some admiration. 
  • Employers – create a shout-out board in the workplace to commend your employees.

Why? You will ultimately build more confidence and  improve self-esteem while increasing happiness by spreading the love, building motivation and promoting success.


It’s important to teach our children the value of compliments and kindness

Respectful Ways programming gives students an opportunity to learn the real-life benefits of giving — and receiving — words of appreciation. They learn that sharing kindness helps others, and enhances their own self-esteem at the same time.

Our Giving Feels Good module for PreK – Grade 2 students makes a difference in the climate of their classroom. 



Here are 50 compliments you can give today

Improve someone’s life for the better while feeling amazing at the same time

  1. I appreciate you
  2. I like your outfit today
  3. You are really good at_____
  4. You are a great friend
  5. I am so proud of you
  6. You are so caring
  7. Your smile lights up a room
  8. Thank you for being______
  9. Thank you for_______.
  10.  You are more than enough
  11.  You are so thoughtful
  12.  I respect you
  13.  I value our relationship
  14.  Great job on______
  15.  I am impressed that you_____
  16.  That is admirable that you _______
  17.  You inspire me
  18.  I am so grateful for you
  19.  You are a natural at _______
  20.  I love how you always________
  21.  It is amazing that you _______
  22.  I enjoy working with you
  23. You are a great teammate
  24.  I admire your courage
  25.  You are kind
  26. Your strength inspires me
  27. You deserve the best
  28. I appreciate your patience
  29. Thanks for teaching me______
  30. You are a great listener
  31. You have really good style
  32. You are a fantastic______
  33. Your laugh is contagious
  34. Your positivity is commendable
  35. You have a great sense of humor
  36. You really have a special talent
  37.  I like how you_____
  38.  I feel honored to be your friend
  39.  You are so considerate of others
  40.  You are so encouraging
  41.  Your enthusiasm motivates me
  42.  I am fortunate to have you in my life
  43.  I have learned so much from you
  44.  You are one of the most loyal people I know
  45.  You are very talented
  46.  You give great advice
  47.  You always show up for everyone
  48.  You have such a big heart
  49.  You have creative ideas
  50.  I value your ______


So, today on National Compliment Day, start with one compliment from this list and make it a point to praise someone. Sit back and observe the receiver’s reaction and look inward to how positive this makes you feel. 

And if someone is giving you a compliment, say “thank you” …and believe it! We can all use some compliments in our lives, and what better time to start than now!


Respectful Ways offers trauma-informed social-emotional learning curriculum for four age groups: PreK-2, 3-5, 6-8 and 9-12. Students engage with interactive, digital modules covering compassion, perseverance, respect and responsibility.




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