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Mental Health Action Day: From Awareness to Action

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Trauma can bring on a sense of helplessness and many other symptoms that hurt our hearts, minds, and bodies. We educate ourselves on diet changes to avoid diabetes — we can also educate ourselves about mental illness, how to recognize … READ MORE

6 Ways to Balance Device Screen Time

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Smartphones and Distraction: 6 Ways to Balance Device Screen Time Today’s flood of digital distractions can keep us from staying focused on teaching, learning, and connecting with the people around us. Being truly present in our environment and engaged in … READ MORE

Fun activities to bring the family together this holiday season

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Sure, some holidays involve presents, but presence — quality time — is the best gift of all. Respectful Ways is pleased to offer this checklist of fun activities that children can do with the whole family this holiday season. These … READ MORE

Bullying Prevention Starts with the Power of Words: A Printout for Students

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Blog and Poems by Bruce Cabell The Impact! Bullying continues to be an enormous problem. With 95% of U.S. teens connected to the Internet and over 59% being cyber-bullied during their lifetime, there seems to be no end in sight. … READ MORE

3 Ways to Help Teens Make Good Decisions

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This article explores the reasons that teens engage in risky behavior, and how a Social-Emotional learning program can help them make better decisions. Earlier this year, media outlets began reporting a dangerous new fad among teens: eating Tide pods. Consuming … READ MORE

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Don’t Be A “Phoney” – Cell Phones, Social Media and Teens

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Can you survive without your smartphone? Could you close out your social media accounts without feeling disconnected? For many of us, the answer is obvious: not without a difficult period of adjustment. When Gallup polled smartphone users, 46% of respondents … READ MORE