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    Here is where you can pick and choose which of the 54 separate lesson plans you would like for your classrooms. Our research recommends fluctuating between the Big Four themes (Compassion, Perseverance, Respect, Responsibility) and that a new Guide be taught to students every two weeks.

    We've divided our materials under the Big Four character ed pillars. We include a suggested grade level, but please know all Guides are flexible, depending on your wants and needs.

    For the 36-week school year, choose 18 Guides --> 4 or 5 Guide lessons from all four categories to build a well-rounded curriculum.  



    We've done the work for you!


    Our research suggests these specific Guide lesson plans are age appropriate for these three specific age groups. There are 18 Guides listed under each age group, to be taught every two weeks over the 36-week school year. If you want additional options, click here to see all Guides.

    For quick decision-making, our research suggests these specific Guides for these three specific age groups:


    Pre-K to 2nd Grade

    3rd to 5th Grade 

    6th to 12th Grade