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    Click through these links to get a better understanding of Respectful Ways.

    Welcome to Respectful Ways!


    Here is where educators, school administrators, school counselors and youth programs can learn more about who we are and what we offer.

    The Long And Short Of It


    The Respectful Ways curriculum is a cutting-edge program designed to instill social-emotional learning techniques for three specific age groups: PreK - 2nd grade, 3rd - 5th grade and 6th grade up. We offer 54 ground-breaking character education lesson plans to go with our online Respectful Learning Portal (RLP) that provides teachers with educational webinars, standard fulfillment needs, continuing education credits and original material to share with students.  

    Our character ed program is available for schools, afterschool programs, church youth groups and camps throughout your community. If your school has adopted the PBIS (Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support) program, Respectful Ways works hand-in-hand with the PBIS discipline management tool.  

    Contact us for a free consultation to see if Respectful Ways is right for your community! Click through the Big 4 / Guides / Riley Ways / and Tools to learn more about us. Character Education is the answer to balance what’s missing in our education system. As Holocaust survivor Clara Wachter Feldman so eloquently said, “We have failed to educate the human heart.” Now is the time for Respectful Ways.  

    We provide a plethora of options for how Respectful Ways can be integrated into your schools. Our goal is to be as flexible as possible to allow for a smooth transition so that you can begin to reap the benefits of having respectful students walking your halls. 

    Even if you already have a Character Education program, there are many ways that Respectful Ways can be integrated into your school. We offer new lesson plans every two weeks over the 36-week school year.

    Below is our Full Service Valedictorian Respectful Ways Program, but your program can be customized to fit your individual schools needs.



    162 Diverse Activities to Fully Explore the Lessons

    Original Poems, Lyrics, Songs and Pledges

    Physical Signage for the Classrooms and Common Areas

    Collaborating with Respectful Ways Schools Across the Country

    3 Grade Tiers: Pre-K to 2nd, 3rd to 5th and 6th Grade +

    4 Expertly Crafted Umbrella Curriculums

    54 Total Exploratory Guides

    162 Exploratory "Let's Chat!" Questions to Spur Deeper Guide Understanding


    Customizable After School Program

    School Rallies with Custom Banner

    Customizable Program Planning with CEO

    School Counselor Support

    Fundraising Opportunities With An Emphasis On Community Engagement


    An Online Learning Management System with Comprehensive Additive Teaching Tools

    Integrative App Support

    Access to CEO for Onsite Teacher Training and Support

    Companion Teacher Guide supplements with Behind-the- Scenes CNN Life Lessons

    Live and Recorded Webinars with Award Winning Educators, Best-Selling Authors and Child Psychologists

    Online Teacher Community, peer-to-peer private messaging, group messaging and discussion forum

    THE BIG 4


    Respectful Ways has broken down the curriculum into four key umbrellas we believe are the most important characteristics a student should learn. Our 54 unique lessons fall under these four curriculum Guides, breaking down to 18 distinguishable programs to learn every two-weeks over the school year.















    Positive. Powerful. Possibility.


    The four character curriculums boasts educational Guides that focus on different aspects of the overall theme ~ Respect, Responsibility, Compassion and Perseverance. We designed each Guide to be flexible, to accommodate your ever-changing responsibilities as educators.

    Every Guide hosts four separate, personalized lessons for you and your students and all four sessions can be taught at any time over a 2-week period. This gives you the time and space you need to explore each powerful lesson.

    The Pillars

    Respectful Ways employs 3 pillars that make each Guide successful:


    What Does This Mean?


    What Have I Experienced Like This Before?


    How Can I Use This In My Life?

       Meet Riley Ways  

    Your Classroom Ambassador


    Kids love characters. From a young age, they’d sit in front of televisions and communicate with wonderful characters on the screen. Our ambassador Riley Ways helps you break the ice. She’s on many of the powerpoint slides so you can address her at any time. Make it out that she wants to see your students persevere, give respect, show compassion and be responsible. Think of Riley as a helper in the classroom to get the kids excited to learn and to corral them into being on their best behavior.


    Meet our youngest Riley Ways! She grows with the children in age and is a constant friend in the classroom for emotional support. Respectful Ways is invaluable at this impressionable age where students are most likely to push the boundaries of others. This is the most crucial time to instill core values of respecting others, themselves and accepting differences, while having fun exploring the new world around them. Respectful Ways helps curb disruptive behaviors with permanent positive signage and makes learning lessons fun with original poems and heart-felt pledges - it's the best way for them to remember!

    Riley Ways is growing up! Most people think that it isn't until later that students really develop a sense of themselves, but by waiting until later vital years are lost in the reinforcement of a positive self-image. Respectful Ways is here to make sure that each student has the self-worth that they deserve. The power of the thoughts that they think will transform their lives so that they can be more confident in their school work and with dealing with the students around them.

    And here's our teenager, Miss Riley Ways! This is a time in every student's life where their emotional boundaries are more likely to be tested, especially with cyber-bullying.

    We have made the acknowledgement and accountability of the words that these young adults say to each other at the top of our priority list. They start to interact with the world outside of school without supervision on a more frequent basis and must understand that now is the time to decide the type of person they want to be.  With the help of Respectful Ways, they will find their way!



    Below is a list of several of the tools that we use to make our Respectful Ways Program successful:


    These ClassPoint PowerPoint slides make teaching our curriculum worry free, with its step-by-step instructions partnered with your Companion Teacher Guide, you can devote even more time to the development of your students.

    We have created a detailed, step-by-step Companion Teacher Guide which includes School Standard fulfillment needs. 

    These Guides are detailed lesson plans, packed with behind the scenes stories from CNN, insights from our CEO and tips & tricks on how to get the most out of every Guide.

    The Respectful Learning Portal (RLP), is your hub for all the digital offerings from Respectful Ways.

    You will be able to collaborate with other teachers, view live and recorded webinars and give us valuable feedback on how you have used Respectful Ways in your classroom. Accreditation for CEUs is happening now!

    For every digital Guide, you will receive a corresponding physical Decal or Cling to help emphasize the message.

    Use this wingman tool to your advantage!

    It allows you to address the behavior and not the student directly - keeping everyone accountable and on task. They lose power and you get right back to teaching time quicker. Get the students involved in deciding where these educational signs will live in the classroom!

    The Let's Chat Conversation Cards are a hallmark of our program.

    These will be the first exploratory questions that your class will use in small groups to facilitate group discussions about the Guides.

    We can't wait to see what your students come up with!

    Each diverse and immersive activity pulls out a different meaning of the lessons they are being taught and gives them real world applications to take outside of the classroom.

    We've written 162 unique activities with suggestions on how to expand the lessons.

    Riley Ways was created to be your teaching assistant and a shining example of what it means to be Respectable. One of the best things about her is that she will grow with your students as they progress through the guides. 

    From grade to grade she discovers as much as they do and gives them a friendly safe face to always depend upon.  

    Including this in our program was a no-brainer. Kids and adults alike love to play games and to be recognized for their hard work.

    We know that your students ears will perk up once they see the great prizes they can win when they abide by the rules and have a lot of fun while doing it!

    We are so proud to be offering our Webinar Series to all of you hardworking Teachers. We have an incredible line-up of Award-Winning Educators and Professionals to give you an even deeper understanding of our Respectful Ways Program and to give you access to some of the biggest influencers around.

    YOU have a chance to learn under Respectful Ways, it's not just about kids.