20 Acts of Kindness for World Kindness Day

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Contributing Author: Kim Celotto

Remember, there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness.
Every act creates a ripple with no logical end. – Scott Adams


We’ve all experienced walking behind someone who chooses not to hold the door open for us as we’re entering the same location. That feeling of disappointment and disrespect leaves us thinking, “How hard would it have been to be kind and hold the door open?”

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Kindness is infectious!

The benefits of performing and receiving acts of kindness are plentiful. Whether you are on the giving or receiving end, it can boost feelings of optimism, happiness, and self-esteem. Kindness creates a sense of belonging and connectivity, as well as a motivation to join in on spreading the love! 

Kindness promotes an increase in dopamine and serotonin, so it’s no wonder we experience all the positive feels when kindness is present. The power of kindness can also reduce stress, loneliness and depression. Spreading kindness is quite simple, and the benefits are so powerful! 

Not sure where to start? Keep it simple.

The smallest gifts of kindness often create the biggest rewards. Here are some random acts of kindness to get you started, but be creative and recognize that the gift of your unique self is often the greatest gift of all!


20 Random Acts of Kindness for World Kindness Day
— and Everyday!
  1. Write a thank you note or letter to a loved one
  2. Be an active listener and be fully present in a conversation 
  3. Express empathy to show you care and understand
  4. Offer a helping hand to someone in need
  5. Help with chores around the house
  6. Cook a cozy meal for your family
  7. Bake a sweet treat for a loved one or friend
  8. Make a donation to charity
  9. Hold the door open, let someone cut you in line or give up your seat 
  10. Give someone a compliment
  11. Surprise someone with a note, gift or visit
  12. Give someone a call and express gratitude
  13. Start a fundraiser for a good cause
  14. Give someone a hug or a high five
  15. Encourage someone to try something new
  16. Smile at someone
  17. Make your own hand-crafted gift for someone
  18. Send a thoughtful text to let someone know you are thinking of them
  19. Write a positive review for a store or restaurant you like
  20. Send a care package to a loved one


Now, don’t forget YOU!

How many times have you heard someone say, “Treat yourself how you would treat a loved one or best friend”? It has been proven that people who show Self-Compassion and have a Positive Attitude have lower levels of stress and experience less burnout than those who don’t. 

Being kind to ourselves is just as important as being kind to others. Giving ourselves self-compassion provides us with self-acceptance and love, and in turn, we become less critical toward ourselves. The challenges don’t weigh so heavy, while we are able to celebrate our own accomplishments along the way. 

Here are some tips to treat yourself with kindness:

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    • Talk positively to yourself
    • Write positive affirmations to yourself every morning
    • Engage in an end of the day check in to reflect on all the positives of the day
    • Exercise
    • Meditate or practice deep breathing
    • Listen to your body, ask it what it needs and give it what it needs Sleep? A nourishing meal? Activity? Alone time? Connection?
    • Make time for rest
    • Go for a walk or hike in nature
    • Invest in activities that interest you
    • Lean on loved ones for support
    • Spend time with family and friends
    • Maintain a growth mindset


On November 13th, World Kindness Day, look for ways to put a smile on someone’s face.

Practice self-love and compassion, check those negative thoughts, and give yourself some compliments! Then, watch how positivity and opportunity explode in your life. 




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